LE SSERAFIM Earns A New Nickname After A Viral Moment With NewJeans’ Hanni At The “37th Golden Disc Awards”

Hanni was living her best life!

HYBE Labels artists LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans recently attended the 37th Golden Disc Awards in Thailand alongside fellow HYBE artists BTS‘s J-Hope, SEVENTEEN, and ENHYPEN.

(From left to right) LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin, Chaewon, Kazuha, Sakura, and Eunchae | @LE_SSERAFIM/Twitter
(From left to right) NewJeans’ Hyein, Minji, Haerin, Danielle, and Hanni | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

The two 4th-gen girl groups became the main event at the ceremony, from their chic and modern red carpet looks…

… to their powerful performances that commanded the “Attention” of the crowd, they proved why they are two of the top 4th-gen girl groups.

Even off-stage, fans couldn’t help but keep all eyes on them as LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans were seated beside each other.

While the two groups have met, it hasn’t often been in front of the public eye, so netizens were eager to see the combination of insane visuals and talents of the groups.

Fans of the groups were excited to see that the groups seemed to be good friends, and LE SSERAFIM had previously revealed that Yunjin trained with the NewJeans members before her debut.

| 디글 :Diggle/YouTube

The interactions between the groups quickly went viral during and after the ceremony, as there were many memorable moments between them.

As the groups were sitting down, fans immediately noticed LE SSERAFIM’s and NewJeans’ friendly interactions.

They later earned attention when they were all jolted by a bird flying over them.

And when LE SSERAFIM Sakura‘s “motherly” instincts kicked in as she hilariously attempted to shield Eunchae and Hanni‘s eyes from Jay Park‘s ab-baring, twerking-filled performance of “Mommae.”

Fans also noticed one adorable detail in the background of a LE SSERAFIM-focused video.

As LE SSERAFIM posed for the camera, NewJeans’ Hanni mimicked their pose to join the group in the video. Netizens found the moment so adorable they nicknamed LE SSERAFIM and Pham Hanni, “LE SSERAPHAM.”

Hanni was also seen joining TREASURE as they were headbanging for the camera, truly living her best life at the ceremony.

As a K-Pop fan turned top K-Pop star, Hanni was living the dream at the 37th Golden Disc Awards!

LE SSERAFIM also went viral for Chaewon‘s interactions with IVE‘s Wonyoung. Check out more about their reunion in the article below!

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