LE SSERAFIM React To Hilarious, Adoring Fans At Their Debut Showcase

Who let a pterodactyl in here?

HYBE‘s first girl group, LE SSERAFIM has officially debuted, and fans couldn’t be more excited!


LE SSERAFIM stepped into the spotlight with Fearless, a mini-album consisting of five songs, including their title track, “Fearless,” and “Blue Flame,” the OST for HYBE’s upcoming webtoon, Crimson Heart.


At LE SSERAFIM’s debut showcase, members Kazuha, Chaewon, Garam, Sakura, Yunjin, and Eunchae blazed the stage with a killer performance. They also fielded questions, talked about what it feels like the debut, and more.

Some fans were so thrilled to finally see LE SSERAFIM live that they just had to shout it out! One fangirl screamed, “I love you, Sakura!” at the top of her lungs…

…making the members and audience laugh.

Sakura wasn’t the only one feeling the love! When Garam spotted fans calling out her name, she flashed a big, beautiful smile and waved at them.

Who let a pterodactyl into the venue? When a fan’s shockingly intense scream interrupted the showcase, the members’ jaws literally dropped!

LE SSERAFIM is just beginning their career together, but they are already so adored. Check out their debut music video here.


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