LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura And Chaewon Open Up About The Pressure Of Debuting As HYBE Labels’ First Girl Group

The two members also share that the group is doing their best despite the pressure!

LE SSERAFIM recently made their much-awaited debut with their album Fearless, and an accompanying title track of the same name!

LE SSERAFIM | @le_sserafim/Twitter

The group held a showcase for their debut, where they wowed fans with their new song and choreography!

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The members also talked about their goals and aspirations as a group, and how happy they were to debut! As this is Sakura‘s third debut, she talked about the pressure to start in a new group all over again, especially as part of HYBE Labels first girl group!

I felt that I should showcase the better version of myself. But I believe this kind of pressure is helping me to grow, too. Just like the message of our debut track, “Fearless”, our members focus on what we can do right now instead of being caught up in the judgments of others.



Chaewon talked about how they’ve been receiving tons of attention for their debut, and showed determination to walk their own path together!

Through this track, we also say we will not cling to our past and move forward. We have been receiving a lot of attention for being HYBE’s first girl group, but we will try not to be swayed by others and walk our own path.



These talented girls are sure to do well! Watch the MV for their debut song “Fearless” here!

Source: The Korea Times