LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Earns Praise For The Thoughtful Way She Treats Group Maknaes Eunchae And Kazuha

She’s very much aware of the age gap.

LE SSERAFIM have a considerable age gap among the members, but as one of the eldest, Sakura is gaining praise for the way she treats maknaes Kazuha and Eunchae.

Sakura | @IM_LESSERAFIM/Twitter
Eunchae (left) and Kazuha (right) | @IM_LESSERAFIM/Twitter

As the one with the most experience in the group, Sakura could have been forgiven for feeling a little removed from the others. But that couldn’t be further from the case.

Ever since LE SSERAFIM debuted, Sakura has consistently made sure to watch out for her members and be there for them in every way she can, particularly the younger ones. FEARNOT have praised her before for doing her best to help preserve Eunchae’s childhood and saying, I’ll do all the difficult things for you, so don’t worry, just smile.”


Fans were also more than happy to see Sakura bringing Kazuha along on her hangouts with her former IZ*ONE members, making sure she wasn’t left out.

Following Sakura’s latest interview on Weverse Magazine, fans are once again praising her for her treatment of the two maknaes, especially because it really showcases her true personality. Journalist Kim Rieun brought up how Sakura consistently encourages Eunchae and Kazuha to do what they want.

You seem to be very considerate of the people around you. During your staycation in DAYOFF, EUNCHAE wanted to play in the pool, and you told her, “Just do whatever you want! Do whatever, EUNCHAE. I’ll watch here.” You also told KAZUHA she was fine to speak in Japanese when she was startled by the bathroom light going out.

— Kim Rieun

According to Sakura, this is because she wants to make sure that both of them feel comfortable speaking out when they need to, especially because this then fosters a safe environment for the whole team.


I want to make sure we all feel comfortable with each other. As you know, our group has something of an age gap. I try to tell the younger members to do what they want and I’ll watch because if they feel like they aren’t allowed to say and do the small things they want repeatedly, then I’m worried they won’t be able to speak up when it really matters. This way we have no problem talking to each other when there’s something really important to talk about or when someone feels hurt.

— Sakura

She also admitted that she empathizes with them quite strongly as someone who has also felt a little on the outside in the past. Therefore, she’s making it her mission to ensure that neither Eunchae nor Kazuha ever feel unheard or unappreciated.


…EUNCHAE is the youngest in the group and Zuha came from another country not that long ago. I think I’m trying to say to them the things I wanted to hear and appreciate them the way I wanted to be appreciated when I went through something similar. People were nice to me, but I’m trying to do the things that would’ve made me feel even better if they had.

— Sakura

Seeing her words and the deliberate actions Sakura takes to create a safe and comfortable space for her members, especially the younger ones, has made FEARNOT extremely proud of her.

Sakura has once again shown the extent of her kind personality.

Source: Weverse Magazine


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