LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Shows Her Kind Personality While Meeting With Kids

Their interactions are so heartwarming!

LE SERRAFIM‘s Sakura was recently a guest on the popular YouTube channel odg where she shared touching interactions with two younger guests in recent videos.

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For her videos, Sakura chatted with a young boy named Harang from Korea and a young girl named Reina from Japan. Sakura easily bonded with Reina over their shared experience of acclimating to a new culture.

Sakura shared with both of them that she is now debuting for the third time, having a successful career in Japan as a 1st generation member of J-Pop group HKT48 in 2011. She continued her success into her second debut with K-Pop group IZ*ONE in 2018, which formally disbanded a year ago and is prepping for her upcoming debut with LE SSERAFIM on May 2.

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Despite her long history in the spotlight, Sakura sweetly disclosed to Reina that she was also nervous filming the odg video, helping to put the adorable girl more at ease.

Harang seemed more comfortable in front of the camera, having been a guest on a previous odg video. When Sakura greeted him in Japanese, he immediately had a puzzled expression. After chatting, Harang shared he didn’t know any Japanese and had never met any Japanese friends.

Although Harang had playful responses that kept Sakura laughing, he listened intently as she described her journey to Korea and hardships she faced. He even had a compliment for the idol’s Korean skills!

Her reflections on the friends who helped her settle into her life in Korea must have struck a chord with Harang. He was hesitant to speak Japanese at first, but when asked by Sakura if he would greet a new Japanese student at his school, he responded, “—If people don’t play with me because I don’t speak Japanese, that would be boring… I’ll do my best to play with him.”

Through sharing her experiences and bonding with the kids, Sakura took the opportunity to introduce the two and teach them introductory phrases in each other’s language. She patiently taught them helpful phrases to bring them together to meet, working to explain the cultural significance of the questions she was teaching.

Her thoughtful responses and kind demeanor throughout her interactions with the children really showed Sakura’s true personality. To learn more about the personality of the other LE SSERAFIM members before their debut, check out this article!

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You can watch Harang and Reina’s cute meeting here!

Source: YouTube