LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Responds To A Korean Entertainer Who Was Canceled For Being Gay

Honestly, same.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Sakura never surprises to give us priceless “Sakura-like” reactions on her show Fearless Sakura. This time, she gave her genuine response to hearing that a famous Korean celebrity was canceled for being gay.

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In a recent episode of Fearless Sakura, the LE SSERAFIM member, singer Kwon Jin Ah and TV personality Hong Seok Cheon cooked octopus dishes while talking about this and that.

Hong Seok Cheon, Sakura, and Kwon Jin Ah (left to right) | Fearless Sakura/YouTube

While making a raw octopus dish, Sakura had a question for Hong Seok Cheon, who was famous for owning multiple restaurants in Itaewon, Seoul.

Why did you want to open a restaurant?

— Sakura

Fearless Sakura/YouTube

Hong Seok Cheon replied that he did it to make a living and shared his story from when he came out as gay. Asking when Sakura was born, he shared that he came out when she was two years old—in 2000.

I came out when you were two years old. I told everyone about my identity. So there was a time where I couldn’t come out on media for about three years…

— Hong Seok Cheon

Fearless Sakura/YouTube

As soon as he said this, Sakura had question marks all over her as she was confused why his career had to come to pause.

Fearless Sakura/YouTube

Hong Seok Cheon continued to express how much people didn’t want him to come out on media.

They didn’t let me. People said, ‘Don’t come out!’ We don’t want to see you!

— Hong Seok Cheon

Sakura continued to have a look of utter confusion on her face, not understanding why anyone would do that to someone for their sexual orientation. She continued to make questioning noises, “Huh?” as he spoke.

Fearless Sakura/YouTube

Hong Seok Cheon said he needed to make money during this time of “rest,” which led him to open restaurants.

This isn’t the first time Sakura has supported Hong Seok Cheon and his sexual identity. In a previous episode, he claimed that his parents wanted him to study hard and be successful, but he just “became a gay,” to which Sakura responded that he was a “successful gay.”

Source: Fearless Sakura

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