LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin Wanted One Scene In The Group’s Documentary To Be Deleted, But The HYBE Staff Were Able To Convince Her Otherwise

Here’s the full story.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Yunjin recently sat down for an interview Weverse Magazine.

She talked about a variety of topics ranging from their preparation period of ANTIFRAGILE to her songwriting process and experiences in the group so far.

In relation to the latter, one of the biggest milestones of LE SSERAFIM was the release of their first ever documentary, The World Is My Oyster, which showed the debut story of each member.

One specific scene made Yunjin so worried when she found out it was included in the final cut, she apparently talked with their manager “late into the night at one point because [she was] worried about the old practice footage.” It was the part where she was shown in different stages of her K-Pop journey.

Yunjin originally did not want this scene to air. She told the producers straight out, “I don’t think this is a good idea.”

She found the footage of her training in the practice room of her former companies to be “embarrassing.” The LE SSERAFIM singer was not happy with her imperfections in performing to be aired out so directly. Though she was able to see just how far she had come since then, she was not yet at the point where she could look back on her past with nothing but pride.

But I was seriously like, ‘Wow, they’re going to release this?’ It was a real shock. Seeing all my flaws laid out like that made me realize how hard I worked at everything. It was still kind of embarrassing, though.

— Yunjin

The staff behind The World Is My Oyster were convinced that it was a necessary montage for the documentary. They talked to her sincerely about it, saying that the viewers will like her more contrary to what she had thought.

They sent me a super long message, saying, ‘It’s okay, Yunjin. People will like it better than you think. You’re good now, so it’s fine.’

— Yunjin

| @jenaissante/Instagram

In the end, she realized that they were right. Fans and other casual viewers noticed her growth and praised her for having endless perseverance.

Looking back now, oh—I’m really thankful.

— Yunjin

Check out the full video below to learn more about Yunjin.

Source: Weverse Magazine


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