LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin Looks Back On Her Harsh Trainee Years And Opens Up About The Many Regrets That She Has From That Time

It wasn’t an easy journey.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Yunjin was the latest member to be featured on Weverse Magazine. It was her second interview with the site, and like before she was nothing but honest in her responses to each question.

At one point, the interviewer brought up the pre-debut documentary of the group called The World Is My Oyster, saying, “There’s also a scene where you teach some choreography to the other members. It really shows how hard you’ve been working.”

Yunjin opened up about just how hard she had it while she was a trainee. Not only did she need to learn dancing from the beginning, but her perfectionism made it so that she was never satisfied with where she was at.

I think I’ve always been that way. Satisfaction is a difficult beast for me, especially when I first started to learn dance.

— Yunjin

Yunjin Pre-Debut

Though she’s now a great dancer, she said that she was once “so bad at it.” It took a great deal of perseverance to make the results start pouring in.

I was so bad at it, and because I found it so hard—and even though someone was teaching me it—I thought I would never see any improvement if I didn’t master it on my own. So I thought about it and kept at it and kept at it.

— Yunjin  

Now that she’s officially a K-Pop idol, Yunjin can look back at her trainee period objectively. Though she’s proud of herself for getting through such a hellish period, she was also sad about how she was overworked and under significant pressure both physically and emotionally.

When I think about what I was doing then, I’m grateful and proud of myself, but in a way I’m also sorry that I was so strict about it.

— Yunjin

She went years without being able to sleep properly all in the pursuit of improving herself. Her world focused only on training and it is something she regrets until now.

I would stay up all night practicing by myself, get around three hours of sleep, go to school and then start practicing again.

— Yunjin

Luckily, right when she was about to give up all hopes of debuting as a K-Pop idol, Yunjin received call from HYBE asking her to join LE SSERAFIM. She is now one of their key vocalists who is also a solid dancer!

Source: Weverse Magazine
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