LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin Spills On Her Main Songwriting Focus

It’s the key to her emotional and relatable lyrics.

LE SSERAFIM recently made their first comeback with their second mini-album, ANTIFRAGILE, impressing netizens with their confident concept and strong performance.

(From left to right) LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin, Eunchae, Chaewon, Sakura, and Kazuha | @le_sserafim/Twitter

LE SSERAFIM returned after their explosive debut with an equally captivating concept and another no-skip mini-album that showcases the members’ unique vocal color and impressive songwriting talents. 

From their debut mini-album FEARLESS, member Yunjin already impressively had writing credits. She was given writing and composing credits on the popular track “Blue Flame.” She also released her own self-composed song, “Raise Y_our Glass,” as an ode to her life as a trainee, life with her fellow members, and of course, her connection with FEARNOTs (LE SSERAFIM fans).

In her recently released Weverse Magazine interview to commemorate their comeback, Yunjin opens up about her songwriting process, including what she believes is the most critical part of creating a song.


The interview begins by stating that Yunjin has always turned to music for self-comfort and consolation. However, songwriting has recently taken on the form of expressing gratitude and her feelings for LE SSERAFIM and FEARNOTs.

When asked about her songwriting process, Yunjin shared that it’s different for each song she writes, but it generally starts in the same way.

The first thing I always consider is what the message will be—what I want to say. Once I figure that out, the lyrics and basic ideas start to take shape, and I find that, when I get started that way, a good melody naturally follows, interestingly enough.

— Yunjin

Although her songwriting routine can differ, one aspect remains consistent; what her focus is on. It’s what Yunjin considers most important to the songwriting process.

When I make songs, I think about how honesty is the most important thing for getting across a certain emotion or message. I think you have to be totally transparent if you’re going to convey your message and feelings properly.

— Yunjin

This raw awareness of her thoughts and feelings lends itself to the reliability of the group’s lyrics. Yunjin hilariously continued that even if she tries to lie, she isn’t able to keep it up for long.

If you watch any of our videos, you can see I’m a terrible liar. (laughs) It absolutely shows whenever I’m lying. It’s just not in my character.

— Yunjin

| Weverse Magazine

Yunjin’s authentic feelings conveyed in songwriting, and her ability to remain honest and unfiltered in her lyrics are a few of the reasons fans love her and LE SSERAFIM.

Check out more about Yunjin’s songwriting below!

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Source: Weverse Magazine