LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin Opens Up About Her Past Struggles As An Asian Child Living In America

No child should have to experience this.

Raised in America, LE SSERAFIM‘s Yunjin was exposed to inequality at an early age. The “FEARLESS” singer opened up about her experience as an Asian child living in the country during a segment of the group’s documentary.


In an interview, Yunjin revealed that she loved being on stage even as a child.

Childhood photo of Yunjin

However, it was only when she reached 7th grade that her dream of being a singer truly solidified. “Ever since I was little, I loved being on stage, but I think I first started wanting to become a singer around seventh grade,” she explained.

Unfortunately, she soon learned that it would be difficult to be one in America. She noticed that there were no Asian singers on television, so she believed that she would likewise not be accepted there.

It made her question why she was born that way, and she was devastated when she thought that she would have to give up on her dream.

If I’m Asian, does that mean I can’t be on TV in America? I thought about that a lot. Because there wasn’t anyone like me on TV, that hurt me a lot, and I thought, ‘Why was I born this way? Do I have to give up my dream because of this?

— Yunjin

With limited opportunities to perform on stage, she decided to branch out to something similar—songwriting. She used her skills to voice her thoughts and tell her stories. Another aspect about it that she loved was that it was a means of consolation when she felt down.

I couldn’t go on stage as much, so from then on, I started songwriting. I wrote lots of songs and learned instrumentals. I first experienced how to tell my own story through music, and I was so touched. It was so fun and fascinating. It was like the melodies and lyrics I wrote helped console me.

— Yunjin

For example, one of the lyrics she let fans see talked about how she was trying to like the way she looks and speaks. It shows how she doesn’t hesitate to bare her soul and allow others to have a glimpse at her thoughts. Her self-written track, “Raise Y_our Glass,” is a good example of how she is able to touch many people with her words.

I think I wrote those lyrics to try and console myself. ‘Though I overcomplicate, overthink, and oversleep, I’m trying to find some space to like my face and how I speak.’

— Yunjin

It may be because Yunjin knew firsthand how difficult it is to succeed in America that she decided to move her dream to South Korea. After experiencing one too many setbacks as a trainee, she finally joined SOURCE MUSIC girl group LE SSERAFIM where she succeeded in debuting and is now fulfilling a personal goal to revolutionize the K-Pop industry.


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