Japanese Netizens Accuse LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon Of Being Anti-Japanese For Using This Korean Makeup Brand

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LE SSERAFIM‘s Chaewon was recently criticized by Japanese netizens for using a Korean makeup brand.

Chaewon | @_chaechae_1/Instagram

During the group’s recent vlog, Chaewon is seen removing her makeup. During the scene, a couple of the brands Chaewon uses were revealed.

Of the brands that were shown, some were Japanese, while others were Korean. One Korean makeup brand, in particular, is drawing the ire of Japanese netizens.

Japanese netizens took exception to Chaewon using makeup from K-Beauty brand Round Lab’s “Dokdo” series. The brand’s “Dokdo” line gets its name from the island’s spring water being used in the makeup. The makeup line has won several awards from publications such as Allure magazine and Olive Young and is also widely available in stores in the United States, such as Walmart and Amazon.

Round Lab’s “Dokdo” makeup line | Walmart

Round Lab’s “Dokdo” makeup line | Coupang

According to news outlets, Japanese netizens alleged that Chaewon’s use of the brand was a sign of being anti-Japanese, and a microaggression against LE SSERAFIM‘s Japanese members Sakura and Kazuha.

This is largely due to the fact that Japan has contested Korea’s claim on Dokdo, a small island off the Korean Peninsula. The small island has become an enduring source of conflict between the two countries, with many Korean celebrities showing their stance in the conflict. The island has since become a popular tourist destination for Koreans.

Dokdo | BBC

Arrived in Dokdo. I’ve always wanted to return. Loving your country is loving yourself.

— Lizzy

According to a news outlet, Japanese netizens wrote comments such as, “Compared to Chaewon, Garam is kinder,” “The fact that Chaewon is using Dokdo products when she has Japanese members is inexcusable,” and “It’s unfathomable that Chaewon is using the Dokdo cleanser, despite having Japanese members.”


Source: Wikitree