These Are The Leaders Of The Hallyu Wave In China

Over 1,000 participants voted for these Hallyu stars.

The Hallyu wave has struck China once again! The country recently held their fifth annual survey on Korean content. Over 1,000 people participated in the survey and answered questions about their favorite singers, actors, entertainers, TV dramas, and entertainment programs.


BIGBANG came in first place in the singing category with an impressive 16% of people saying they are cultural icons for the third year in a row!


EXO snagged second place with an overwhelming 14% of survey takers expressing their love for the group. This also marked the second year in a row for EXO to be ranked on the top of this survey!


Meanwhile, Hwang Chi Yeol saw a jump in popularity. He rose to third place with 11% of people falling in love with the singer’s voice!


From there Chinese citizens agreed that Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki were deserving of the top spots in the acting category. The two Descendants of the Sun costars gained 13% and 12% of the votes respectively.


Jun Ji Hyun rounded out the acting category with 11% of participants loving the actress in Legend of the Blue Sea and My Love from the Star.


Sweeping the variety category were Running Man costars Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, and Lee Kwang Soo. The three got 23%, 15%, and 14% of participants’ votes.


Speaking of Running Man, the variety show came out on top once again with 34% of survey takers ranking the show as their favorite.


Knowing Bros, on the other hand, saw a huge increase in popularity this year. Previously, the show only had 1% Chinese people’s favor but this year that has risen to 12%.


Infinite Challenge took third place in the category with 11% of the vote.


And perhaps unsurprisingly, Descendants of the Sun tied for first place with My Love from the Star in the drama category with 23% of votes each.


Finally, Something in the Rain took third place with 11% of votes and rounding off the survey! So what do you think about the results? Do you agree with them?

Source: People Korea