Leaked Footage From Fans Reveals What Really Happened With BTS At Jimmy Kimmel’s Concert

BTS held a mini outdoor concert at ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live and fans are going crazy over what happened backstage!

Jimmy Kimmel tweeted a video of him meeting BTS, shaking hands and sharing brief conversations with the members of BTS.

RM was spotted awkwardly missing the right timing to shake hands with Jimmy Kimmel, making fans laugh.

And fans couldn’t handle the awkward moment!

The concert event became a lasting memory for both the members and the fans, selling out in mere seconds.

They performed 6 songs: “Mic Drop”, “Blood Sweat & Tears”, “GOGO”, “Fire”, “I Need You”, and “Save Me”.

During a short break between their performances, Jin showed off his ‘worldwide Handsome’ on stage with a flying kiss.

Fans welcomed him by chanting  ‘worldwide handsome’.

Watch BTS perform on their outdoor concert below.