[★TRENDING] Sandara Talks About Feeling Like The Least Talented Member Of 2NE1

During the January 18 recording of JTBC‘s “Talking Street“, Sandara talked about her future and the insecurities she felt with 2NE1.

Sandara Park first revealed through Twitter that she would be filming for her appearance on the show, “Talking Street“.  She went on to say that while she wasn’t confident with herself when it came to public speaking, she had gathered the courage to do so for BlackJacks.

Before the recording, Dara took to twitter and she asked BlackJacks and anyone that was interested in hearing her speak, to come and see her recording at Hongdae at 4PM on January 18!

A fan who was at the scene wrote and tweeted a summary of what Dara talked about, below is the full translation of the post made:

“After she came in and the atmosphere was set, she began talking. She began by talking about her life in the Philippines and how she got to know the members of 2NE1 talking about Bom, Minzy and Chaerin one by one.

She said she felt that she was the least talented and her role was a decorative one. She said she was aware that the public kind of had that image about her as well. She even shared a story of when they were on ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook’ shortly after debut.

Dara said the host Yoo Hee Yeol complimented Minzy for her dancing, Bom for her voice and Chaerin for her rap. She was however complimented for her visuals with no mention of her skills or talents. Dara shared that she cried on the rooftop of their dorm after because she felt so sad about this.

Even a scene on 2NE1 TV of Dara crying was because the director wanted to freestyle a scene and she felt like everyone else was confident while she felt super awkward and pressured. She said Bom, CL and Minzy consoled her and cheered her on during all those times and I could just feel her love for 2NE1 in her voice.”

— Sandara Park’s Fan (via Twitter)

Continue reading to find out what Sandara said that made BlackJack’s hearts melt!

Dara wants to be always remembered as “2NE1’s Sandara Park”.

During the final moments of the filming, Sandara was asked by the host what she would like her stage name to be or rather, what she would like to be called. This was because up until now, she’s always been called “2NE1’s Sandara Park” or “2NE1’s Dara”.

Dara’s response was exactly what BlackJack’s needed to hear and nearly moved everyone in the audience to tears.

“The reason I’m here is because of 2NE1 and the reason people know me is because of 2NE1. Even looking forward, I want people to continue to call me 2NE1’s Sandara.”

— Sandara Park’s Fan (via Twitter)

She also teased fans by saying she was going to sing a little bit of 2NE1’s upcoming song “Goodbye”, which will be their last song together. However, fans were disappointed and amused at the same time when Sandara proceeded to sing only one word from the song, “goodbye~~”.


We’re so happy that Sandara feels this way and we’re sure BlackJacks around the world feel the same way! It seems that 2NE1 will forever live in the hearts of the members, even after they go their own separate ways in music.