(★BREAKING) Leaked Newspaper Reveals Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young Have Been Dating For Years

Congratulations to the new couple?!

Leaked pictures of a newspaper in the printing for the weekend of July 27th – 28th, 2018 KST revealed news of actor Park Seo Joon and actress Park Min Young to have been in a romantic relationship all this time!


According to the leaked article, these two, absolutely beloved for their roles in the recent hit K-Drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, have been a couple for the past 3 years.

“A lot of people grew curious about these two. The two were very secretive and cautious of their relationship being unveiled to the public. They didn’t even share the news with their closest friends.”

— Sports Donga


Neither Park Seo Joon nor Park Min Young’s agencies have responded with official statements yet.


Meanwhile, netizens are coming up with “evidence” that back up the article, like the stars’ supposed “#lovestagram” Instagram posts and couple accessories.


Fans are reacting with much excitement that a couple with such an incredible chemistry on screen could be real-life!


  • “I knew it. I totally knew it.”

  • “Oh my gosh, this is incredible. The whole time I was watching, I hoped they would get together!”

  • “No wonder the acting was SO NATURAL. They weren’t acting.”

  • “I’m not even mad.”
Source: Instiz