New “Learn! Korean With TinyTAN” Package Allows You To Use BTS’ Voices To Learn Korean

Fans can now hear their favorite BTS member say their name.

In the newest addition to their educational materials, Hybe Labels‘ educational department, Hybe Edu, has launched a “Learn! Korean with TinyTAN” kit.

| Hybe Edu

This kit is the follow-up to Hybe Edu’s “Learn! Korean with BTS” kit, released last year.

| Hybe Edu

Fans want to learn more about the artist, like the artist’s language, so our key goal is to help them understand and make the (artist-fan interaction) richer. We incorporated new and easy-to-use technology and artist intellectual property (IP) for this.

–Choi Yeong Nam, general manager of Hybe Edu.

The new series will be based on a story of a fictional BTS fan called Bora, which means purple in Korean, and was developed based on feedback received from users of the “Learn! Korean with BTS” kit.

| Weverse

The “Learn! Korean with TinyTAN” kit will contain not only workbooks, but also Korean alphabet posters, flash cards, masking tape, stickers and a purple electric pen called Motipen.

| Hybe Edu

While “Learn! Korean with BTS” kit also had a speaking pen, Motipen is different: it carries sound clips created using Artificial Intelligence technology to mimic the voices of the seven members of BTS. With the pen, users can have some words and phrases read aloud, such as the Korean pronunciation of their names, by the BTS member of their choice.

Motipen can “read” words in Korean and English, as well as Japanese and Spanish.

The “Learn! Korean with TinyTAN” kit is available for purchase on the Weverse Shop. You can watch the Motipen in action in the teaser video below.

Source: Weverse and Yonhap News