“She Should Learn From Song Hye Kyo” Cultural Critic Is Blasted For Attacking “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Actress Park Eun Bin

“WTF is his problem?”

Cultural critic and poet, Kim Kap Soo, is under fire for criticizing actress Park Eun Bin for being emotional after her Daesang win at the 59th Baeksang Awards.

Park Eun Bin |

On May 1, the critic appeared on a YouTube show on May 1 where he ranted about the 59th Baeksang Awards.

Kim Kap Soo |

In his rant, Kim Kap Soo complained about the award speeches and asked the winners to thank those they feel grateful for privately.

A three-hour-long award show is also a type of program. Can’t they express their truths privately? They should thank the people privately. There is already so much (the winners) have to say, such as the hardships during filming, their thoughts, their future thoughts, etc.

— Kim Kap Soo

Kim Kap Soo then criticized Park Eun Bin, who won the Daesang Award for her incredible performance on Extraordinary Attorney Woo, for her being too grateful and showing too much emotion.

Park Eun Bin, who won the Daesang, is a wonderful actress, and she will do well. But because she is a wonderful actress, I am saying this because I care. As soon as her name was announced, she bowed about 30 times during her walk from her table to the stage. An actress bowing up and down, what kind of etiquette is this?

— Kim Kap Soo

Kim Kap Soo then alleges that the actress lacked grace and then compared her to another actress.

She needs to have something called grace. To make matters worse, she isn’t 18 but is 30 years old. She should learn from Song Hye Kyo. I get that (winners) are happy, but there are people who weep, and I just want them to stop. All the winners bow over and over again. They think it’s etiquette, but in the past, it wasn’t. Song Hye Kyo and Tang Wei’s (mannerisms) are textbook, so (other actresses should learn and) watch them.

— Kim Kap Soo

The “cultural critic’s” statements quickly went viral, with many criticizing Kim Kap Soo for his outdated and demeaning criticism.

  • “WTF is his problem?”
  • “Any ajussis who is not a fan should GTFO.”
  • “Is this grandpa senile? What is his problem?”
  • “Look at what this soon-to-be 70 years-old is doing to someone in her 30s. Must be proud.”
  • “What is he saying? Is he senile?”
  • “GTFO if you’re senile.”
  • “There is a reason why the term ‘Boomer’ exists.”
  • “She (Park Eun Bin) spoke well during her speech, so what is his problem?”

Meanwhile, fans praised Park Eun Bin for her eloquent acceptance speech after winning the Daesang. Read more about the actress’s big day in the link below.

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Source: theqoo and wikitree
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