LEDApple is no more; Welcome the new LedT

The Korean male band currently known as LEDApple will soon be making their transformation as a newly named group, LedT.

The past year has been undoubtedly a hard one for LEDAs (LEDApple fans) as members left and new ones were introduced.

In October 2014, an announcement was made to fans that a lineup change would occur following the end of the December 2014 concerts in Japan with Hanbyul, Kyumin, and Kwangyeon leaving while members Youngjun and Hyoseok would remain.

In January 2015, LEDApple welcomed Hyunsang and Kyosung with Kyumin revealed to be continuing with the group instead of following his own solo career into hip-hop music as previously revealed just months before, bringing the group back up to five members.

But just days afterwards when a new four-member group image was published, the agency revealed that new member Hyunsang was unable to participate in activities as his throat was unwell and needed medical treatment. Additionally, new stage names for each members were revealed: JUN (Youngjun), AKi (Hyoseok), Kei (Kyumin), and Kyo (Kyosung).

However, the group would undergo another lineup change when Kyosung would end his six-months as a member of LEDApple and left the group at the end of June 2015.

On August 16th, a header was updated to their Facebook page reading, “We will newlly start as ‘LedT’ from September 1, 2015.”

Fans have posted their shock as the name change, commenting that they will miss LEDApple but will continue to support the group as LedT. All posts made on the page regarding LEDApple between 2013 and August 2015 have been deleted as they prepare for a new start.

LedT consists of members Kei (Kyumin) as the vocalist and keytarist, JUN (Youngjun) as the vocalist and guitarist, and AKi (Hyoseok) as the rapper and drummer.

Posted by LedT on Saturday, August 15, 2015

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