LEDApple unveils group photo of 2015 4-member lineup with new stage names

A recent group photo for the new 2015 lineup for LEDApple has been released, unveiling the faces of its two new members as well as announcing the members’ new stage names.

LEDApple will be continuing activities as a 4-member band with new members Hyunsang and Kyosung. At the beginning of 2015, it had been confirmed in addition to the members mentioned above, the lineup would consist of current members Kyumin, Youngjun, and Hyoseok. 

On January 20th, LEDApple officials left a message on the group’s Japanese website, stating, “The photo of the new LEDApple has been revealed to the public!! Those who have always loved LEDApple, thank you for your support. Everyone, there is important news about LEDApple that needs to be shared.

Currently, LEDApple is practicing hard with the new members in Korea for a return in March and we look forward to the day we get to meet everyone once again. 

However, we must bring you disappointing news once again. The new member, Ryu Hyunsang’s throat is strained and is in need of medical treatment and rest, so preparation for the March activities is difficult. We apologize for the worry we are causing everyone with this sudden message. We are preparing in order to make sure to fulfill our promise to return in March and meet everyone as soon as possible.

In addition, LEDApple would like to do their best in March 2015 as four members, JUN (Youngjun), AKi (Hyoseok), Kei (Kyumin), and Kyo (Kyosung).

We would like to apologize to everyone again for worrying you. Though the group has been reduced by one person, we ask for your support, and we will do our best in the near future. We ask that you remember to cheer on the members with their new names ♪.”

LedApple 2015 lineup1

According to a later statement released by LEDApple’s Korean agency STARKIM Entertainment, the member’s names were changed for easier pronunciation and for fans to easily remember their names. In addition, LEDApple is expected to be more active in Japan and overseas. However, in Korea, the members will continue to promote with their last stage names.

Another photo of the group is set to be released on Friday, January 23rd.


Source: LEDApple Official Japanese Website