YG Sports Golfer Lee Bomi & Actor Lee Wan Confirmed To Be Dating

Looks like Kim Tae Hee’s little brother has found love!

The agencies of actor Lee Wan and pro-golfer Lee Bomi have confirmed that they are in a relationship!


An acquaintance of the two first spilled the details that they’ve been dating since earlier this year.

“Actor Lee Wan and Professional Golfer Lee Bomi started dating earlier this year.

Lee Wan and Lee Bomi are both from Catholic households, so they were introduced by a Priest they both know. They began meeting and became closer through their interests in golf. They have been in a serious relationship since the beginning of this year.

They are in a relationship but they have not talked about marriage yet.”

— Close Friend


Lee Wan’s agency confirmed the news of their relationship soon after.

“Lee Wan and Lee Bomi have been dating seriously since early this year. They’ve both met each others parents.

They are dating with intent but have not made any plans for a wedding yet.”

— Lua Entertainment


Lee Wan, who is Kim Tae Hee‘s younger brother, has acted in works like Our Gap Soon and Swallow the Sun. Most recently, he appeared on Law of the Jungle with stars like EXID‘s Hani and SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu. 


Lee Bomi is a pro-golfer known as the queen of the Japan Ladies Professional Golf Association and is managed in Korea by YG Entertainment subsidiary YG Sports.


The two stars both grew up in Catholic households, and were introduced to each other by a priest they are both close to. Lee Bomi’s agency confirmed this fact.

“During the Spring of 2017, a Catholic Priest introduced her to Lee Wan, and they began dating.”

— YG Sports


Lee Wan’s older sister Kim Tae Hee and brother-in-law Rain were also introduced to each other by a fellow Catholic and were married in the Church. 


Though they have no plans to get married yet, they are certainly in a serious & very happy relationship!  Congratulations to the new couple.

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