Lee Byung Hun discreetly returns to South Korea

Lee Byunghun is reported to have returned to South Korea on November 21st after completing his commitments in California, United States. 

On November 21st, BH Entertainment released a statement saying, “We are making this statement due to an influx of questions. Lee Byung Hun arrived in South Korea at 6 AM this morning.” 

Responding to criticisms of his avoidance on his previous trial initially scheduled on November 11th, the representative further clarified that, “He did not adjust his schedule in order to avoid the hearing on November 11th. Since he has no reason to avoid the trial, he will be present on the session on November 24thEven if something arises, there is nothing more important than this matter at hand, he will be there when he has learned the necessary formalities pertaining to witnesses.”

Meanwhile, Lee Byung Hun has been busy serving his duty as the honorary ambassador for California, as well as post-production commitments for his upcoming Hollywood film.

Lee Min Jung, on the other hand, is reported to have stayed in the United States, with her agency stating the actress has no upcoming schedules in South Korea. Any other appearances or activities are uncertain.

Lee Byung Hun was recently blackmailed by GLAM’s Dahee and model Lee Ji Yeon, who attempted to extort money in exchange for the alleged obscene video tape of them together. Lee Byung Hun responded with a legal action to the claims, to which Dahee and Jiyeon may face serious sentences.

Source: Newsen and EDaily