Lee Da Hae And Se7en’s Past Appearance On Variety Show Resurfaces Amid Engagement News — Shares How They Almost Broke Up

The couple reveals how their families helped them get back together.

Lee Da Hae and Se7en‘s family is revealed to have played a pivotal role in keeping the couple together.

Se7en (left) and Lee Da Hae (right) | @leedahey4eva/Instagram

On March 20, Se7en and Lee Da Hae announced that after dating for eight years, the couple had decided to get married. The singer and actress announced the news on their respective Instagram accounts.

Actress Lee Da Hae And Se7en Announce They Are Getting Married

Amid the celebration, an old clip of the couple’s appearance on a variety show has resurfaced. In the couple’s appearance, Lee Da Hae states that her family had once stepped in to help the couple get back together.

The couple was featured in a 2022 episode of MBC‘s Point Of Omniscient Intefere. In the episode, Lee Da Hae and Se7en made a rare appearance together.

During the episode, Lee Da Hae spoke about the time the couple was in danger of breaking up and how the couple’s family and friends helped the couple get back together.

At the time, because we had dated for so long, my friends, unnies, and oppas all came to like Se7en. That’s why when we almost broke up, there were so many people who cried and told me that something like this (breaking up) couldn’t happen. In fact, my upstairs neighbor even cried. But the person who was most heartbroken was my mother.

— Lee Da Hae

Lee Da Hae then revealed that the thought of not being able to see Se7en’s family made it impossible for her to break up with Se7en.

To be honest, even when we were on the verge of breaking up, more than him, I couldn’t handle seeing his family heartbroken and crying. I felt like (if we broke up) I would never see these good people again.

— Lee Da Hae

Luckily for the two lovebirds, they were able to get back together and now have promised their happily-ever-afters to each other.

| @leedahey4eva/Instagram
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