Lee Da In’s Mother Is Accused Of Donating Lee Seung Gi And Lee Da In’s Wedding Gifts To A Charity She Owns — Charity Responds

The CEO of the charity spoke out.

Actress Lee Da In‘s mother, Kyeon Mi Ri, is alleged to have donated money given to the couple as wedding gifts to a charity that she owns.

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On April 11, the CEO of a non-profit foundation dismissed rumors alleging that Lee Da In’s mother owned the foundation.

Kyeon Mi Ri is someone we are thankful for supporting us, but this foundation is not hers. That is a claim that is baseless and an insult to the pure efforts of someone doing volunteer work.

— Lee Geum Joo, CEO of non-profit foundation

Previously, Kyeong Mi Ri revealed that she would be donating the money that was gifted to Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In on their wedding to the charity as well as a foundation helping the disabled. In Korea, it is customary for wedding guests to give money as a wedding gift. Depending on how close they are to the couple, guests may gift anywhere from $30 to thousands of dollars.

Lee Da In (left) and Lee Seung Gi (right) | JoongAng Ilbo

Allegations swirled when it was revealed that the non-profit foundation had named a laundry room it ran “Mi Ri’s Laundry Room” (translated from 미리빨래방). Netizens then alleged that the foundation was owned by Kyeon Mi Ri.

The CEO of the foundation further clarified her relationship with the actress. The CEO revealed she had volunteered for over 10 years and stated she was introduced to Kyeon Mi Ri.

I was introduced to Kyeon Mi Ri by a director of a volunteer network. She revealed her wishes to help, so we have been receiving donations from her. To me, she is someone that I am thankful for, whose family helps out when we hold bazaars. I only found out about her wish to donate the wedding gifts later, and I was thankful as it isn’t easy to donate all that money. I didn’t know there were allegations (stating that she owned the foundation).

— Lee Geum Joo, CEO of non-profit foundation

When asked why the foundation’s laundry room was named “Miri’s Laundry Room,” the CEO of the foundation stated, “We liked how it stood for sharing things with others early on (Miri can mean early), and it was out of respect for the donator.”

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Source: theqoo and hankyung
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