Lee Daehwi Reveals What He Wants To Change About His Wanna One Past For AB6IX’s Future

He wants people to call him by this.

AB6IX recently held a photo shoot and interview for GQ magazine where Lee Daehwi confessed one of his concerns regarding AB6IX and Wanna One.


He revealed that Park Woojin and he are still referred to as members of Wanna One by many people. Although he will always cherish his time with Wanna One, he wishes he could be known for his new group AB6IX.

I wish the public knew more about AB6IX.

Even now, when we walk the streets, many people call us by Wanna One’s Park Woojin and Wanna One’s Lee Daehwi. I’m going to go on a lot of shows and promote AB6IX.

— Lee Daehwi


As Lee Daehwi vowed to raise awareness for AB6IX, Im Youngmin explained the group’s most charming point. He pointed out that the five members all bring a unique feel to the group but blend together well in perfect teamwork.

I think we know our colors the best. Our album was created after the five of us discussed how we wanted to create it in depth.

AB6IX’s charm comes from the five of us. Woojin and I have the hip-hop style, Donghyun has an acoustic color, and we want to show these kinds of sides to ourselves.

— Im Youngmin


Considering how fast these Kings-In-The-Making are on the rise, AB6IX will become a household name in no time!

Source: Herald Pop