Actor Lee Do Hyun Shares Why He Apologized After Publicly Acknowledging Relationship With Lim Ji Yeon

“I apologized…”

Actor Lee Do Hyun revealed what he felt when he and Lim Ji Yeon publicly confirmed that they were dating.

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Recently, Lee Do Hyun spoke with news outlets after his JTBC K-Drama, The Good Bad Mother, aired its last episode.

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During his interview, the actor revealed that when news broke that he was dating his former The Glory co-star, he was in the middle of filming The Good Bad Mother.

My relationship was revealed during the filming of The Good Bad Mother, so I was even more careful.

— Lee Do Hyun

Lee Do Hyun then revealed that he had apologized to the filming crew after news of his relationship became public but that the drama’s director, writer, and actors told him that they understood.

After my dating article was published, I apologized to The Good Bad Mother‘s production team. I was worried that the news would negatively affect the drama, but the director, writer, and actors all understood, saying that it is normal for young people to date.

I was worried that (my relationship) would distract audiences, but I was happy to see that they enjoyed the drama. I felt that I wanted to become an even better actor

— Lee Do Hyun

Meanwhile, Lee do Hyun and Lim Ji Yeon met while filming Netflix‘s The Glory before confirming that they were dating this past April. Lim Ji Yeon, who was born in 1990, is five years older than Lee Do Hyun, who was born in 1995.

Lee Do Hyun, in a separate interview, shared intimate details of his relationship with Lim Ji Yeon. You can read about them in the link below.

Actor Lee Do Hyun Shares Intimate Details Of His Relationship With Lim Ji Yeon


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