A Pre-Debut Clip Of “The Glory” Actor Lee Do Hyun Being Kissed By His “Girlfriend” Surfaces — But It Isn’t What You Think

In the video, Lee Do Hyun and a woman introduce themselves as a couple.

A past video showing The Glory actor Lee Do Hyun being kissed by a former “girlfriend” is quickly going viral.

The video shows a pre-debut, Lee Do Hyun, and a woman sitting together. They introduce themselves as a couple that has dated for 14 days.

In the video, the woman is seeing complaining that despite dating for two weeks, the couple has yet to be physically intimate. Lee Do Hyun is seen explaining it was because that kissing left marks, and so he wasn’t a big fan of PDA.

When the woman protests in response to Lee Do Hyun’s excuse, he then tells her to kiss him before checking a mirror and becoming distraught at the kiss mark on his cheek.

Fans would be relieved to know that this video is a lipstick ad. According to news reports, both Lee do Hyun and the woman in the video were acting.

Fans who saw the video praised the actor for having lived diligently, seeing him even in an ad like this. The actor previously stated that he had been working many part-time jobs to help out his mother since he was young and that he auditioned for many acting jobs before getting his break into the industry. Seeing the video, many fans wished for the actor’s success in the future.

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  • “I know it’s a concept for an ad, but… He must have really lived his life diligently… I wish only the best for you from now on ㅠ.”
  • “Ah, all I can say is that he really lived life diligently…”
  • “How is his acting so good in a commercial?”
  • “Lee Do Hyun really lived life diligently… You did so well to get here, ㅠㅠ… I hope you only walk on the path to success from here on out.”
  • “It hurts to watch this… He must have really lived life diligently…”
  • “Even though I know it’s an ad, it hurts me to watch it. Oppa lived so diligently…”
  • “Both actors are from Joong Ang University ㅜㅜ. Usually, people in these types of ads are actors. I hope there aren’t any misunderstandings.”

You can watch the video in the link below.

Source: wikitree

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