Is Lee Dong Gook Daughter’s Makeover Preparation For Her Career Debut?

Fans believe this might be a sign of something special coming

On November 24, Lee Su Jin (soccer player Lee Dong Gook‘s wife) posted to her Instagram the process of her daughter, Lee Jaesi’s makeover.

Lee Sujin captioned the post “A new experience. Transforming. #shootingday.” She ended the caption with a secretive emoji.

Fans started to wonder what the occasion was. What was she shooting for? Fans predict it had something to do with her modeling career.

Lee Jaesi is currently an aspiring model as her Instagram username is “model_jaesi.” On her Instagram, the young Lee Jaesi uploads images that show her naturally beautiful visuals.

Since the Lee family’s appearance on the show The Return of Superman, Lee Jaesi has grown up a lot into the visuals of a model.

Fans are hoping Lee Sujin’s post means something big for Lee Jaesi.

Source: Nate