Lee Dong Gun Reveals He Was In love with Jo Yoon Hee since December

Lee Dong Gun recently confessed that he was in love with his wife long before their relationship became public.

Lee Dong Gun recently guested on his wife Jo Yoon Hee‘s radio broadcast for its 1 year anniversary and talked about his concerns regarding a proposal and when he started falling for her.

He shared his concerns about not being able to propose to Jo Yoon Hee yet.

“I’m concerned because I haven’t been able to propose. I proposed in the drama but I just hope I can do everything I did in the drama.”

— Lee Dong Gun

It was then brought up that Lee Dong Gun sent a message of support to Jo Yoon Hee’s radio show before they started dating. Jo Yoon Hee accepted his message with an open heart.

Lee Dong Gun made a surprising confession after saying that he sent the first message to her in December 2016.

“Even back then, I had fallen her [Jo Yoon Hee].”

— Lee Dong Gun

In February, Lee Dong Gun and T-ara’s Jiyeon announced the end of their 2-year relationship in February and less than 1 month later, he announced his new relationship with Jo Yoon Hee.

Source: Dispatch