Lee Dong Wook Criticized After Being Spotted Crossing The Street During Red Light

Netizens are split in opinion about it.

Lee Dong Wook was spotted arriving at the airport early in the morning to catch his flight to a schedule abroad.


However, he was spotted crossing the street when the signal was still red.


His bodyguard walked ahead of him and he blindly followed.


Soon realizing that he was walking during the red light, he quickly ran to cross the rest of the street.


However, many netizens began to criticize him for violating the crosswalk signal. They claimed it was irresponsible of him for breaking the law as a public figure.

“I see a lot of comments claiming he doesn’t have to wait if there are no cars, and they’re all psychos. Obeying crosswalk signals is a societal law so why shouldn’t he obey it? Does it make sense that he doesn’t have to follow it when there are no cars?”

“Lee Dong Wook has a good image so that’s why people are defending him. But he was caught on camera, so it’s only right that he be criticized but people are coddling him and sh*t. Imagine what you would have said if Yoo Seung Jun did it, you societal psychos”

“This isn’t right~~~”

“Is crossing during a red light something to be proud of? Kids can see it and copy him… He’s a public figure”

“Everyone who’s defending him for violating the crosswalk signal must be out of their minds”

— K-Netizens


But many others defended him, claiming it was so early in the morning that there were no cars around. They also pointed out that Lee Dong Wook looked extremely tired and probably made the mistake on accident.

“That location is famous for people not following the crosswalk signal”

“The reporter must be his anti-fan”

“People who’ve never crossed during a red light should be the only ones criticizing him”

“So even when it’s early in the morning and there are no cars around, this reporter would wait for the green light??”

“Isn’t it weirder to wait when there are no cars? This reporter seems to want to pick a fight in order to raise their clicks and get praised! Good luck, ya kid!”

— K-Netizens


Lee Dong Wook crossed the street without any accidents and successfully caught his plane on time. His agency has not made a statement about the online debate.

Source: Newsen