Actor Lee Dong Wook Is Going Viral For His “Unbothered” Attempts At “Idol” Fan Service

Someone give this man a break!

Actor Lee Dong Wook is going viral for his legendary reactions to doing “idol” fan service.

Actor Lee Dong Wook | @leedongwook_official/Instagram

Since debuting, Lee Dong Wook has shined in so many roles in some of the biggest K-Dramas. Yet, the actor has been going viral for his unexpected ways of doing fan service.

If that wasn’t enough, the King came back recently with some more fan events, and he was as nonchalant as ever. This time, rather than interacting with fans as he walked around, the event was like a proper idol fansign event.

In clips shared by fans, Lee Dong Wook seemed half confused, half bored, and half unbothered as he was made to hold up cute signs, wear adorable accessories, and much more.


Along with clips on TikTok, Korean fans who were there in person shared their own interactions with the actor.

When the videos were posted…


man is fighting for his life lately 😭 #leedongwook #leedongwookedit #fyp

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Netizens couldn’t get enough of Lee Dong Wook’s behavior, with many asking to let him go home because he seemed “tired” of it.

As always, Lee Dong Wook will never beat the “Iconic” allegations, and although it might seem “nonchalant” and “unbothered,” it just makes fans love him even more.

You can read more about Lee Dong Wook’s fanservice below.

Actor Lee Dong Wook Goes Viral For His “Nonchalant” Fan Service