Lee Dong Wook Now Has His Very Own Website and He Is Extremely Excited About It

“It will be a window of communication for me, you, and the agency.”

So far, actor Lee Dong Wook has been communicating with his fans via social media — mostly his official Instagram page. Now, the globally renowned actor has his own website (www.leedongwook.co.kr) and he’s super excited about it.


Lee Dong Wook’s brand new official website featured the actor’s personal video message that shared what it feels like to have a platform where international fans can visit and communicate with the actor and other fans.

“Hi everyone, it’s me, Lee Dong Wook. I finally have my own website now. First I want to apologize for how long it took to open. There have been some trial-and-errors that delayed it beyond the planned date. And thank you for waiting patiently all this time.”

— Lee Dong Wook


Lee Dong Wook requested his fans to let him know the best way the website could be managed to benefit them!

“Preparing to open this website, I had some questions. With what kind of content would I fill the space? What would be the best way to manage it? I’d love to know what you think. Please let me know and I’ll try to mix that into how this gets done.”

— Lee Dong Wook


The actor looked forward to communicating with his fans via the website.

“I’m excited, because this means I have my own space. I’ll be sure to post things on the page. It will be a window of communication for me, you, and the agency. Please let all your friends know. I hope you come visit the page often too!”

— Lee Dong Wook

Source: MBN