Lee Dong Wook Reveals What Made Him Decide To Become The MC Of “Produce X 101”

He shared what makes him different from all the previous MCs.

Lee Dong Wook was named the main MC for Produce X 101. He follows season 1’s MC, Jang Geun Suk, season 2’s BoA, and season 3’s Lee Seung Gi.


He decided to become the season 4 main MC because he wanted to become a support system for the participants. He hopes he can help them by sharing his experiences from working in the entertainment industry.

I’m very nervous because this is a big challenge for me as well. I believe I’m the same as the 101 participants.

I’ve also had to train to become an actor, and I had a waiting period as well. It may be different industry categories, but I believe it’ll be good for me to share some of my know-how and thoughts.

— Lee Dong Wook


He also believes that he’ll be able to differentiate himself from the previous MCs because he is the first to participate with contestants of the same gender. He hopes they will feel comfortable enough to approach him like an older brother.

I think what makes me different from the past MCs like Jang Geun Suk or BoA is that I’m the same gender as the participants so it could be more comfortable for them to open up to me.

— Lee Dong Wook


Lee Dong Wook praised the contestants and asked the viewers to look forward to the idol trainees as well as himself.

Our kids are improving very well. You can look forward to it. They may be nervous about this big project, but I’m very nervous as well. This is a new challenge for me, so I hope you look forward to it.

— Lee Dong Wook


Produce X 101‘s first episode airs on May 3 at 11 pm KST on Mnet. It is scheduled to air an episode every Friday for 12 weeks.

Source: Seoul En and Sports Donga