Lee Dong Wook Once Again Proves He’s A Visual God Among Mortals At Chanel Event

May he have mercy on us lowly souls.

Actor Lee Dong Wook recently attended the promotional event for Chanel’s Ink Library.


Dressed in a simple yet chic black suit, he waved to the crowd of reporters and fans.


And basically left everyone dead as he once again proved that he’s not a regular human being – he’s a visual god!


All Lee Dong Wook had to do was breathe and his visuals did the rest!


Netizens couldn’t help but go crazy over his beauty as they claimed he even looked better in person! (How can he look even more handsome than this?!)

“He’s really~~~ good looking wow”

“I bet it’s be insane to see him in person”

“His physique ratio.. really! He’s so handsome even his skin’s perfect”

“I remember when he went abroad and his visuals still topped everyone. He’s handsome af”

“He doesn’t look human”

“Wow lol he’s crazy lololol”

— K-Netizens


Just another day in the life of Lee Dong Wook!

Source: Kyungjae