Lee Dong Wook Claims He’s Not Fully Happy With Himself Yet

He wants to work on these aspects more.

Actor Lee Dong Wook opened up in an interview where he confessed that he’s not fully happy with himself yet and what aspects he wants to work on more.

He doesn’t think less of how far he’s come and all the blessings that he’s been able to achieve, but he doesn’t feel at peace with himself yet.

I hope the day comes when I feel content with myself. I’m not saying that what I’ve done so far weren’t good.

I just wish I could be more proud of myself and live each day more peacefully knowing that.

— Lee Dong Wook

Although this visual god is envied by many all around the world, he believes he’s focusing on reality when he humbles himself to a lower pedestal.

But we can’t imagine why he’d ever belittle himself when he’s a talented, successful, and stunning man with a warm heart!

I believe that I have to look at myself realistically. There are times when you need self-love but I’m the type to intentionally caution myself away from it.

My agency’s CEO tells me to stop belittling myself so much, but I reply, ‘No, I need to know the true reality. I need to understand the situation clearly.’

And I think I’ve come this far due to it.

— Lee Dong Wook

Perhaps it’s just the way he’s wired. Lee Dong Wook is always reaching for the stars and will reach higher once he achieves his next goal!

When asked what his next goal was, he replied, “I want to be more acknowledged by the public and my industry peers. It will lead to my success soon.” But wait… didn’t you achieve all of that already anyways?

No matter how he perceives himself, his fans will always know who he truly is and support him no matter what!

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