Lee Dong Wook Bares His Sexy Abs For New Magazine Pictorial And We’ve Been Blessed

Can this man get any sexier?!

Actor Lee Dong Wook featured on the 2019 September issue of “NYLON”, where he bared his sexy abs for all to admire!


And everyone everywhere has officially been blessed by his god-given visuals!


The magazine will feature three different covers, another of Lee Dong Wook dressed in popping blue as he lays down on a bouquet of flowers while gazing longingly at you!


The third cover features a more playful side to Lee Dong Wook as he’s dressed in a simple white-on-black outfit while he plays with a piece of string!


As expected, the netizens couldn’t get enough of Lee Dong Wook as they were blown away by his new pictorial!


This man will be the death of us all!

Source: Newsen