Lee Dong Wook Talks About VICTON Choi Byungchan’s Departure From “Produce X 101”

He gave a sweet tribute for Byungchan.

Choi Byungchan, who is a member of VICTON and one of the most popular contestants from PRODUCE X 101, recently announced his departure from the competition due to his health concerns.


During the recent episode, host Lee Dong Wook gave a small speech about Byungchan. He relayed the unfortunate news to the rest of the trainees and sincerely hoped Byungchan will recover soon so that he can fulfill his ultimate dreams.

Before we officially begin announcing this week’s ranking, I need to announce a piece of unfortunate news. 31 trainees have successfully finished the concept round and did their best to get this far.

Choi Byungchan has, unfortunately, had to leave the competition due to personal reasons. So this week’s ranking will be for the remaining 30 trainees.

Although he won’t be with us for the rest of this competition, I sincerely hope that he will not give up on his dream and will one day soar high once again.

— Lee Dong Wook


During the speech, Byungchan’s fellow member and leader of VICTON, Seungwoo, was seen looking distressed by the news.


Choi Byungchan had consistently ranked in the top of each round, peaking at #14 as of Episode 6. He was ranked as “A-Level” since the pilot and has only since proved himself a talented candidate for the debuting group.


Here’s to Byungchan’s safe and quick recovery as he returns to promoting with VICTON in the upcoming future!

Source: Osen