“All of Us Are Dead” Actress Lee Eun Saem Gained A Nickname For All Her Swearing In The Show—Here’s What She Thinks About It

The actress was given a nickname by fans inspired by her colorful language!

Actress Lee Eun Saem, who plays the role of high schooler Mi Jin in the acclaimed K-Drama All of Us Are Dead, and recently gave her thoughts on her new nickname from fans of the drama!

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Along with its amazing plot, All of Us Are Dead also gained tons of attention among fans for the amount of swear words that were thrown around throughout the series!

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One of the characters who, according to fans, had the most curse words to spare was Mi Jin, and fans ultimately nicknamed her “Ms. Ssibal” [Korean word for f*ck] for familiarizing tons of fans around the world with the word!

Lee Eun Saem as Mi Jin | Netflix

Regarding this, Lee Eun Saem revealed that even before the series aired, she had been a bit worried about the amount of cursing required of her character in the show. She also worried that people might get uncomfortable with the constant swearing, and so, the current reactions to her character took her by surprise!

Watching some parts of the series before the official release, I was concerned that the viewers might feel a little uncomfortable after hearing so many swear words from me. I never expected that I would earn a nickname, like ‘Ms. Ssibal’.

—Lee Eun Saem

| @2eunsaem/Instagram

She also shared how she worked hard to portray the character to it’s full potential, even taking advice from family members on how to deliver the best insults possible!

I never practiced acting in front of my family, but I asked for tips and advice from my father and grandmother after showing some of my character’s lines. Mi Jin is a strong, tough character. I did not wish to ruin any of her characteristics by using clumsy insults.

—Lee Eun Saem

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And her hard work has sure made Mi Jin a very memorable character indeed!

Source: The Korea Herald

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