Lee Hi and AKMU’s Contract Expiration Dates Become a Hot Topic in Light of Recent Events

Fans have been demanding that their favorite YG artists leave the agency.

Just recently, iKON‘s B.I announced that he will withdraw from the group following his drug scandal, and YG Entertainment responded by stating that they will be terminating their contract with the idol.

With the contract termination of BIGBANG‘s Seungri following his Burning Sun scandal as well as multiple drug scandals that took place under YG Entertainment in the last few years, fans have been voicing their desire for other YG artists to leave the agency as soon as possible.

In particular, fans have been concerned about the music careers of Lee Hi and AKMU, but it has been revealed that there is still a lot of time left in their contracts with YG Entertainment.

In the case of Lee Hi, she signed a 10-year exclusive contract with YG Entertainment in July 2013 which means her contract will expire in July 2023.

As for AKMU, they signed a 7-year exclusive contract with YG Entertainment in April 2014 meaning their contract will expire in April 2021.

Furthermore, WINNER also hinted that they still have a lot of time left on their contracts in one of their recent comeback interviews where they stated, “There’s still too much time left on our contracts to even start talking about resigning.

Despite the fact that their contracts will not expire anytime soon, fans are continuing to ask their favorite YG artists to leave the agency out of worry that their music careers might suffer.

Source: Insight