Lee Hi Responds To Concerns About Her Comeback Being Negatively Affected By YG’s Scandals

Lee Hi was asked how she feels about YG’s scandals.

Lee Hi recently sat down to discuss her new album, “24℃”, and her title track “NO ONE”. During the discussion, the interviewer asked if she was worried about the possible negative impact YG’s scandals may have on her promotions.


She confessed that she believes her fan will love her music despite what’s going on with the company.

I believe there are people who are waiting for my music without any connection to my company. I don’t worry too much about it.

— Lee Hi


She also revealed that CEO Yang Hyun Suk, who’s currently being investigated for possibly soliciting prostitution, congratulated her on her music and wished her the best of luck.

CEO Yang Hyun Suk really likes my title track, ‘NO ONE’. He wished me luck on my promotions.

— Lee Hi


She expressed her excitement and nervousness over her new album. She revealed that she tried to tell her honest story of how she’s grown over the years since Kpop Star Season 1. It is also her first album since “Seoulite” that dropped 3 years ago.

I think it’ll be fun. I’m nervous since it’ll be the first time I sing on stage in a long time but I believe there are a lot of fans waiting for me so I’m excited.

It’s my first album in a long time so I’m sure many people were curious as to how I’ve grown. I wanted to be honest as I show them how I’ve improved. I took a lot of part in the music, lyrics, and thoughts of my new album. Much like the album title, I wanted to share my story at the age 24.

Since I participated in an audition show, many people have seen me since I was young. I wanted to show my natural growth.

— Lee Hi


Lee Hi’s new mini-album “24℃” drops today at 6 pm KST. Her title track, “NO ONE”, also features her label-mate, iKON‘s B.I.

Source: Asia Today