Lee Honey’s Latest Instagram Post Sparks Breakup Rumors With Her Boyfriend Yoon Kye Sang

They’ve been dating for over 6 years.

Lee Honey (also known as Lee Hanee) recently updated her Instagram with a post of a photo with her puppy that was taken 5 years ago.


However, her caption became a hot topic as rumors began stirring that she was referring to a possible breakup with her long time boyfriend, idol-turned-actor Yoon Kye Sang of g.o.d.


She talked about how everything has changed and how she misses those days that have passed.

5 years ago with baby Gamsa.


Even if we’re always together, then and now, you and I have changed, and change is definite but.

I miss those days badly. The days that won’t come back. Like Today.


— Lee Honey


Many netizens began to worry that she was facing a difficult time with her boyfriend.

I can feel the loneliness through your words

Did you break up with Yoon Kye Sang?

I feel like there’s a hidden meaning to your words.

I think there was probably something with Yoon Kye Sang. I’m not sure what’s going on but I hope you cheer up~

It’s hard to marry when you date for so long. I also dated for 6 years and broke up…

— K-Netizens


Lee Honey and Yoon Kye Sang have been dating for over 6 years, and they had confirmed their relationship back in 2013. Although rumors run rampant about their possible breakup, Lee Honey and Yoon Kye Sang haven’t responded to the rumors.

The post may have even just been about her dog.

Source: Newsen