Lee Hongki Fiercely Claps Back At Homophobic Comment About His Label-mates SF9

He fired back in the best way possible!

SF9 recently made their long awaited comeback with “NARCISSUS”.


Label-mate and senior, Lee Hongki of FTISLAND posted on his Instagram to help promote the new song.


But a malicious hater left a homophobic comment below the post, claiming that male idols these days were “gay-like“.

“Rainbow colored neon hair, gay-like expressions, pretending to be cute, makeup = male idols these days”

— @minkisori


Lee Hongki couldn’t let a negative soul cast a shadow over his label-mates’ celebratory comeback. He fired back with the best response!

“Private account, sub-account, no confidence, complaints = Your type of species”

— Lee Hongki


After calling out the hater, Lee Hongki’s post was flooded with fans who praised him for his “savage” clap back.


Just proves, there’s no room for homophobic haters in FNC!

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