Lee Hongki Opens Up About FT ISLAND’s Future During Recent Concert

Lee Hongki opened up honestly in front of fans.

Ever since Choi Jonghoon announced his departure from the band and the entertainment industry, FT ISLAND fans have wondered what’s in store for the remaining members.


FT ISLAND was originally scheduled to hold a concert in Hong Kong, but Lee Hongki attended by himself as the band is currently undergoing a tough time since Choi Jonghoon’s alleged involvement with secret sex cams, police cohesion, and hiding his DUI arrest.


At the beginning of the concert, Hongki apologized to the fans for failing to come back as a full band. He also announced that it’ll be his last solo concert before he enlists in the military.

“FT ISLAND was originally supposed to hold a performance in Hong Kong, but I’m sorry that it had to be cancelled. But I still came. I may just be one person, but I still came.

It may be a little different from FT ISLAND’s performances, but I’ll do my best to make it fun. It’ll also be my last solo concert before I enlist.”

— Hongki


He also mentioned the recent scandals that impacted the band as a whole. Although changes can’t be avoided, he said two things will never change: FT ISLAND will continue to make music and Hongki will always be the artist who strives to connect with his fans through music.

“I know everyone’s been worried about it a lot. But don’t worry because there will be more FT ISLAND performances in the future. You have to promise. Come visit Korea because we’re scheduled to perform in Korea.

A lot of things have happened, but the thing I want to say is that I haven’t changed. I want to connect with you through music.”

— Hongki


He also thanked his fans on Instagram by vowing to continue singing for the fans who have trusted him throughout their 12 years together.

“I couldn’t fit everyone in the photo because so many people came out. Thank you. As I was singing today, the lyrics to ‘Thank You’ really touched me.

Oh thank you guys
Shout as much as you want. I’ll share this story that has no ending,
Oh thank you guys
I’ll sing, for you who’ve always trusted me

I’ll keep singing. Goodnight. GNworld”

— Hongki


FT ISLAND fans can rest assured that the band will continue in the future with the four members.

Source: TV Report