Lee Hyori Begs Tourists To Stop Coming To Her Home

Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon are suffering immensely from the high number of tourists crowding around her house.

Ever since they started filming their reality program, Hyori’s Home Stay, crowds of tourists have been visiting her home and trying to peak in.

Despite the fact that almost every room of Hyori’s home is publicly broadcast, some tourists feel that it isn’t enough.

In response, Lee Sang Soon took to Facebook to beg tourists and other people to stop coming to their house.

불특정 다수의 사람들이 우리집 주소를 알고있고, 모르는 사람들이 집앞에 찾아와서 대문앞에서 사진을 찍고, 대문안을 들여다보고, 담장안을 들여다보고,셀카봉을 이용해 담장안 사진을 찍고, 초인종을 누르고, 경보음이…

Posted by 이상순 on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

“Many and unspecified people know our house address, people we don’t know come to our house and take photos in front of our door, they try and peak in through the front door, they try and peak in over our fence, they try to take photos inside our house with a selfie stick, they ring our bell, they trigger our alarms so our dogs bark all day, they try peak into our car whenever we leave or return home, they take photos and videos, they ask our personal visitors if they can come in with them and try and talk to them, and we have to constantly check our security camera whenever we’re going out to make sure noone’s outside…

We chose to film a program here and we believed we had to withstand the consequences, but there are too many people coming to our house that it’s making it difficult for us to live a normal life.

We’re not filming here anymore, it’s a place for us and our pets and family to rest.

If you’re curious about our house and want to see it, you can see pats of it in Hyori’s Home Stay. That’s one reason why we chose to film it at our home.

If you like us as a couple, and you think of us dearly, then I beg you, please stop coming to our home.

I don’t know how many people will read this, but if there are people around you who say they’ll be visiting Hyori’s house when they go to Jeju Island, please tell them not to, and to protect our private life!!”

— Lee Sang Soon

This isn’t the first time Hyori and Lee Sang Soon have begged tourists to stop visiting their home.

“Maybe the number of tourists visiting our house and ringing our bell will decrease?”

— Lee Hyori

When they first built their home in Jeju after getting married, they were bombarded with tourists then, too.

Image Source: Hyori Zone

Hyori even revealed that they now live with a muted doorbell, purely because tourists wouldn’t stop ringing it.

Hopefully, tourists will hear their genuine request and give them their privacy,

Image Source: Vogue Korea

Source: OSEN