Lee Hyori considering releasing new album next year

K-Pop fans may soon see the return of the real “Queen of Sexy” soon as reports of Lee Hyori‘s comeback has surfaced.

According to officials on October 13th, Lee Hyori was scheduled and met with Kiwi Media Group‘s CEO, producer and composer Kim Hyung Seok where she allegedly signed a contract with the agency with plans to release a new album next year.

Since her last broadcast activities for SBS’s Magic Eye, Lee Hyori went on a two year break from her activities. As of late, she was reported to have participated as a feature in Uhm Jung Hwa‘s upcoming album, sparking the interest of fans. It is significant as it is not only Uhm Jung Hwa’s first album release in eight years, it is rare to see Lee Hyori feature on someone else’s album. This speaks to how much she admires Uhm Jung Hwa, and additionally gives fans something to look forward to.

Following initial news, Kiwi Media Group clarified that while Kim Hyung Seok and the singer did indeed meet, it was only for socializing purpose and spoke about music, but no exclusive contract or album planning was discussed.

Lee Hyori last released the album MONOCHROME in 2013.

She has since enjoyed her life on Jeju Island with her husband Lee Sang Soon.

Source: Herald Pop and Sports Chosun