Why Lee Hyori Doesn’t Want To Collaborate With Girl Groups

“I don’t want to do it.”

Since Lee Hyori is known to be a fan of girl groups and was a part of the iconic group Fin.K.L, Elle Korea magazine asked the veteran singer if there were any idol groups she wanted to collaborate with.

Rather than doing the expected and naming a few groups she’s kept her eye on, Lee Hyori immediately rejected the idea. There were two reasons why.

Because the singer is in her mid-forties and has evolved from her girl group image, Lee Hyori “didn’t wanna be compared” with whichever girl group she collaborated with.

Knowing her limits, Lee Hyori pointed out how different their concepts were. She said, “What can I do among those young girls? They should do their music, and I should do mine.

Instead, Lee Hyori wanted to use her influence to uplift rookie boy groups, which have decreased in popularity compared to girl groups.

Listen to Lee Hyori’s reason for not wanting to collaborate with any more girl groups.