Lee Hyori Explains Why She Closed Her Instagram Account

Hint: it’s not the hateful comments.

Lee Hyori revealed the two surprising reasons why she deleted her Instagram account on the September 14 episode of Kakao TV‘s Lee Hyori’s Face ID.

The third episode of the original programming from Kakao TV continues to highlight Hyori’s life, optimized for mobile viewing. The camerawork has been lauded for delivering a sense of familiarity and closeness, different than traditional TV programming.

The first reason she quit Instagram is that she was spending too much time on it. She was often fiddling on her phone while her cat was competing for her attention. Instagram has a way of doing that, as many pet owners can attest!

Not only her cat, but also her husband Lee Sang Soon often found himself estranged from her because of Instagram. She confessed that the two stopped talking as much recently, and that had an impact on her decision.

The second reason, is that there were many requests from people via DMs that she could not attend to. The most common one was people asking for money. She told the viewers “I can’t attend to everyone’s requests. I also don’t have the type of personality to easily skip over the requests.”

She confessed that the most common DMs were from people asking her for money.

She added that the common trope of celebrities being hurt by hateful comments, was not as big of a deal to her. She’s been in the entertainment industry for decades, and she’s learned to “just take it all in.”

Sang Soon congratulated her on “the escape from the cyber world.” In response, Hyori remarked that everyone else around her, from the TV staff to the ex-FIN.K.L members Ok Joohyun and Sung Yuri didn’t want her to quit, but her husband did.

But he’s probably happy he doesn’t have to compete for her attention anymore!

The caption reads: “Would you like to unlock Lee Hyori?”