Lee Hyori And Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Criticized For Going To Karaoke And Not Wearing A Mask During Coronavirus Pandemic

They were at Karaoke during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Lee Hyori and Yoona have received criticism after Lee Hyori’s live broadcast showed the pair at a karaoke venue, not wearing masks.

Late at night on July 1, Lee Hyori turned on her Instagram live broadcast, showing that she was at a karaoke bar without a mask on.

After drinking with Yoona, we went to Karaoke. It’s a karaoke in Apgujeong.

— Lee Hyori

The man at the Karaoke venue with Yoona and Lee Hyori even asked Yoona whether SM Entertainment would call her after they find out, but Yoona said it would be okay.

With tens of thousands of viewers, many were delighted to see the two together again after their time together on Hyori’s Homestay. However, not everyone was pleased, as some Koreans expressed their displeasure to see that they were not wearing masks. Upon seeing these comments, Lee Hyori put on her mask, while Yoona mentioned she wore a mask while going to the Karaoke venue.

This did not please some netizens though, especially as both Lee Hyori and Yoona participated in the Thanks Challenge, thanking the medical staff who have been working hard to limit the spread of Coronavirus and treat those who have been infected in Korea.

  • “I can’t believe celebrities and influential people such as Lee Hyori and Yoona went to Karaoke in this situation. I think they acted too rashly here. Both of them participated in the Thanks Challenge, and now I have doubts on how many celebrities sincerely participated in the challenge.”
  • “I became worried after seeing their broadcast, I’m worried that there may be people who think it’s okay to go to karaoke now.”
  • “They’re being thoughtless.”
  • “Why during the current times?”
  • “Why do a live broadcast with this…”
  • “Are you not thinking of the medical staff who are struggling in the heat?”
  • “Didn’t you both do the Thanks Challenge? This is absurd.”

Currently in South Korea, while cases are averaging roughly 45 new cases per day, the government has continued to promote social distancing measures, requiring masks on public transportation and while restaurants and bars are open, all bars and many restaurants require entrants to leave their contact information, just in case a confirmed case can be traced to the location.

Neither SM Entertainment nor ESteem Entertainment have responded to the issue yet, but Lee Hyori did post on her Instagram, apologizing for what happened.

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안녕하세요 이효리입니다.. 어젯밤 아직 조심해야 하는 시국에 맞지 않는 행동을 한 점 깊이 반성합니다… 요새 제가 너무 들떠서 생각이 깊지 못했습니다.. 언니로서 윤아에게도 미안합니다..앞으로 좀더 조심하고 신중하게 행동하겠습니다..다시한번 사과드립니다..

A post shared by Leehyolee (@hyoleehyolee) on

Hello, this is Lee Hyori..

I deeply regret my actions from last night as it was not right, as we are still in a situation where we have to be careful..

These days, I am so excited that I wasn’t thinking..

As her unnie, I am sorry to Yoona too..

I will be more careful and cautious in the future..

Once again, I am sorry..

— Lee Hyori

Yoona has also uploaded a handwritten letter, apologizing for her actions.

Hello, this is Yoona.

First, I am sincerely reflecting over my thoughtless actions and for causing concern. I am sorry.

I had a lack of thought and judgment during a time where many people are struggling and being careful. In the future, I will be especially more careful with my behavior in the future.

I am deeply reflecting on the fact that I have not been able to realize the hard work the medical staff and the citizens have been doing in being cautious with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Once again, I am sorry that I caused concern to many people.

— Yoona

Watch the clip in question from their broadcast below:

Source: Money S and Edaily