Lee Hyori releases official statement regarding organic bean controversy

Singer Lee Hyori has released an official statement regarding the recent organic bean controversy. Since the surfacing of the controversy last month, there has been much media speculation regarding the issue, and the singer finally spoke about the current situation.

On November 8th, Lee Hyori published a blog about about selling organic beans that she cultivated in her yard. Unfortunately, the word “organic” has been raised as an issue by netizens. As there are legal procedures and regulations for organic products to be on sale, those netizen(s) have submitted a request for official investigation by the National Agricultural Product Quality team.

Lee Hyori has released an official statement via her blog regarding this on December 8th. The diva mentioned, “You must be confused after numerous speculative articles surfacing. However, there are no administrative and legal measures that have taken place yet. I have attended the second investigation today. But there will be future investigation(s) on our yard’s agronomic survey. So it may take quite a while until the results are completely out. I am learning a lot through this event and I am sorry for causing concern. Whatever I did, wrong is wrong, so I am willing to accept the charges. I am thankful to those who have pointed out the issue and to those who have been supporting me as well. I will become more cautious in the future.”

Meanwhile, the singer has garnered much attention since opening a public blog. The blogs mainly consisted of her lovely newlywed lifestyle in their abode on the beautiful Jeju Island.

Source: Osen