Lee Hyori Revealed Her Big Plans And Possibly Expanding Her Family In 2021

She has some exciting plans for 2021.

In a recent interview with GQ KOREA, Lee Hyori shared her plans for the new year, if she’ll reactivate her social media, and what new things she wants to try.

Fans have been curious about what the singer has been doing since she quit social media. Since Lee Hyori doesn’t post her activities or everyday life through social media, the interviewer of GQ questioned what it’s been like on her side.

It’s been three months since I deleted social media. Is there any withdrawal?

There were times when I wanted to upload something in the moment.

— Lee Hyori

What did you want to post, recently? 

There are times I think, ‘If I uploaded this, the fans will love it if I post this.’ I have a lot of fans who have been my fans for about 20 years now, but they don’t get to see me often because I don’t have a lot of activities. That’s why I feel really sorry for them. Even though Handwritten letters aren’t common these days, my fans send me them. When I was promoting in Refund Sisters, they sent me homemade cakes. My fans liked it when I posted on social media, so I feel bad I can’t post anymore. Social media is a good outlet for showing gratitude to someone, so I’m sad I can’t do that anymore. And like most people, there are times when I want to show off or get attention. When that happens, I tell my husband Lee Sang Soon to upload my photos on his social media account.

— Lee Hyori

Despite encountering several times wanting to post and share something with her fans, Lee Hyori shared that she does not plan on opening her social media again. She added a funny comment and revealed that her husband complains and asked her to make her social media again.

She explained that he complains because she often asks him to post pictures of her on his personal social media: “He complains and advises me to make a social media account again.” When asked whether she planned on returning to social media, she shared that she’s not ready yet.

Fans are curious to know what Lee Hyori does in her time away from social media now:

What do you spend your time these days?

I read and liked a lot of books, but I haven’t read them for a while. It seems like I’m overwhelmed by other people’s thoughts, everyone is different, and what I get from life is important, but I thought that learning from a book would rather confine me, so I stayed away from the book, but I’ve seen it again these days. When you lie in bed with your husband, each person usually sleeps after looking at his cell phone for about an hour. But these days, it’s so good for the two to read together, that time.

— Lee Hyori

The interview takes a turn into a big surprise from Lee Hyori. When asked about her goals and plans for 2021, she revealed her plans to possibly expand her family.

Do you have any thoughts on how to do this in 2021? 

I’m thinking of having to try parenting.

— Lee Hyori

Aren’t you afraid to be a mother?

I want to become a mother. I want to experience true love. I can’t imagine how a mother feels and I want to feel that. I have such a personal desire that it would be better to broaden my understanding of people by creating and raising a human being.

— Lee Hyori

What kind of mother do you want to be?

I haven’t thought of what kind of mother I want to be, but I want to love once deeply enough that I can change a person who truly loves me for my life. Actually, I love my husband too, but if he asks me to die for him, I wouldn’t want to.

— Lee Hyori

People raising children say that happiness is like a vine growing in, and that vine comes through the roof of the house. Life is ruined. 

We’re already totally ruined by our many dogs, so we’re so used to it, my happiness… . Well, I don’t even know my happiness. Rather than how happy I am, I am curious about what deep love a mother feels for her child. I want to experience it.

— Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori fans are looking forward to hearing news on Lee Hyori’s plans to become a mother and hope for her return on social media!

Source: GQ KOREA