Lee Hyori Reveals She Almost Faced A Scandalous Wardrobe Malfunction From Her Incredibly Sexy Outfit

She can finally talk about this now.

Lee Hyori appeared on You Are My Destiny 2, where she was finally able to open up about the time she almost faced a wardrobe malfunction during her solo debut.


During one of her solo debut stages with “10 Minutes”, Lee Hyori’s stylist was deadly afraid that her top would slide down and cause a wardrobe malfunction.

My stylist was afraid that my top was going to slide down. She even cried when the performance was over.

— Lee Hyori


Her stylist told Lee Hyori that she saw her top “slowly sliding down” due to her active dance moves.


Lee Hyori comically added it was because her chest was “very strong.

It was because it was very strong. But now it won’t happen because it’s not there anymore.

— Lee Hyori


Maybee who had the same stylist as Hyori at the time revealed that their stylist was always worried that one artist would have their top “slide straight down” and the other “have it come out“!


But despite the potential wardrobe malfunction scare, Lee Hyori’s debut stage went onto become a legendary performance in all of K-Pop history!